MPBX is a primary provider of public safety signal enhancement solutions in south Florida, founded in 2009 by Ric Caselli who has over 20 years experience of in-building system design and deployment, we have fully trained in house staff of engineers, draftsman, installers, and project managers. 

Current regulations mandate public safety coverage inside buildings, either to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or, increasingly, during periodic fire inspections.

Usually, a coverage test is required to assess compliance to the signal levels mandated. In case of failure, a Signal Enhancement System has to be installed in compliance with the local requirements which mandate items like NEMA rated enclosures, battery backup and supervision and monitoring alarms, as well as minimal signal levels in different areas.

These systems are also subjected to FCC regulations to prevent and mitigate interferences to the Public Safety radio network as well as to other radio infrastructure.

It is important to understand that currently all the codes refer to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction, which has the power to implement and modify all the requirements. Therefore, each deployment has to adhere to local requirements which can be different between cities, counties and local fire and electrical departments.

The lack of standardization and the continuous fine-tuning of codes contributes to a degree of unpredictability in the implementation of these systems, together with the lack of extensive RF expertise in the marketplace that comes from this being a new technology.

Thankfully, MPBX can leverage many years of experience in the field, which translates in faster and less disruptive deployments.

This is our Mission Statement:

MPBX reduces the unpredictability in this deployment process through:

  • Maintaining and continuing to build the best possible relationships with the authorities in charge.
  • Maintaining and continuing to build the best trained, most customer-oriented and dependable work team in south Florida.
  • Maintaining and continuing to build an excellent relationship with vendors and manufacturers.

And here’s how we deploy:

Our process:

  • Preliminary design using IBwave ( we have all IBwave licenses that are available)
  • Site survey ( PCTEL certified tester).
  • Permitting  ( fastest track record in South Florida).
  • Deployment ( highly trained team of direct employees).
  • Acceptance and inspections.