WiFi Performance Survey

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Measure performance and resolve issues


All WiFi networks depend on the RF channel on which the network operates. Wifi performance is based on how efficiently devices contend for the channel.

  • Do you know the throughput of your network?
  • Do you know how much spare capacity you have?
  • Are there any issues that prevent speed and performance?

By measuring the relevant parameters of channel  utilization and contention, you can understand how efficiently your network operates:

  • Are there too many retransmissions?
  • What is the percentage of channel utilization?
  • Can data rates be improved?
  • Are devices able to avoid collisions?

We help you understand what's going on

Our WiFi Performance Report is a clear picture of the health of your network:

  • See all relevant metrics.
  • Receive clear, easy to implement suggestions for better performance.
  • Know how much traffic your network can handle.

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