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Take the guesswork out of coverage and interference

  • Best-in-class CAD analysis.
  • Based on your requirements.
  • Great documentation.
  • Keep track of adds, moves and changes.

Just supply blueprints and fill a questionnaire. We will build a CAD model of your environment, perform the propagation analysis and produce a WiFi assessment and predictive design:

  • Map your existing WiFi system and identify potential problem areas, or
  • Suggest AP placement and settings based on simulated RF propagation.

CAD modeling assumes a typical building and no interference from neighbors, machinery or other sources.

  • It is more accurate than the typical distance-based or square footage-based guesswork.
  • Provides a basis for troubleshooting and support.
  • Cost effective and time efficient. 

Why proper Documentation?Cancun AP 02

  • Easy understanding of installation for project manager, construction crew, field technicians, etc.
  • Reduces duplication in equipment cost.
  • Access to accurate information if project members leave.
  • Proper transfer of knowledge to new members.
  • Saves deployment time by allowing clear communication.

Additional on-site services available through a Site Survey:

  • Measure WiFi and non-WiFi interference.
  • Sample the RF propagation characteristics of the building - a process called RF Fingerprinting.
  • Make an inventory of access points including rogues, authorized and unauthorized APs.
  • Take measurements to assess performance and resolve medium contentions issues.

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