RF Fingerprinting Service


We are the RF fingerprinting experts!

RF fingerprinting - also called Continuous Wave testing - adjusts the CAD model of a building to real, measured RF propagation values. 

A more accurate CAD model brings several benefits:

  • Less adjustment is needed at activation.
  • Location algorithms become more precise.
  • It is easier to resolve interference problems.
  • Performance is always as predicted.

The benefits of RF fingerprinting last for the life of the building

or until major structural changes are made.

The process: 

  • A 3D CAD model of the building or area is created based on customer provided blueprints.fingerprint2
  • Calibrated signal sources are deployed and propagation measurements are taken.
  • The CAD model is then fine-tuned to match the actual environment as close as possible.

The resulting model allows to design and troubleshoot all RF infrastructure above 500 HMz, like:

  • WiFi and other wireless networks
  • Cell Phone and Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Location and Tracking
  • Monitoring, etc.